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Fun with Transsexuals

Posted in Role Play with tags , , on January 25, 2010 by sexwars

I recently added a transsexual character to my lineup, and it took me a while to get into character.

I’m not sure why–I like cross dressers, of course.  I like gay sex (seriously, gay porn is SO MUCH better than straight porn, watch some, you’ll see what I mean) so why did I have such trouble with the transsexual bit?

I don’t know.  I kinda wish I did.

But I’m pretty much over that now.  I like that now, when I get a call for my transsexual character, I can enjoy it, talk about stroking my long, hard dick, get demanding to the men, things like that.

I think it’s interesting, though, how many of the men say the same thing about that.  They tell me some story of how they got into transsexuals and how much they want my cock, but most of them then add the statement, “But I’m not gay.”

Where IS this coming from?  Aren’t we beyond that now?  I thought we, as a society, had more or less come to accept the concept of homosexuality.  Granted, there are still pockets of resistance–and I live in the south, where the pockets are probably more abundant than elsewhere–but the debate on gay marriage, to me, speaks to a situation where much of the country has accepted that homosexuals are just like us.

And I get that my job has warped my original view of what “normal” sex looks like, but to me, and I suspect in the gay community as well, being “gay” has less to do with the occasional desire to suck cock and more to do with now you identify.  I can’t imagine the gay community force recruiting people.  (“We hear you sucked cock once in 2008, that’s it, you’re one of us now.  Come quietly.”)

I know this is random and not so much a story about a caller.  But there you go.  I was just pondering transsexuals.

Now, suck my dick.