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Butt Pluggin’ Fun

Posted in Anal with tags , , , , , , , on February 1, 2010 by sexwars

I actually have no objection to butt plugs, per se.  In fact, I have shopped for butt plugs myself, although I think shopping for them and purchasing them are two entirely different kettles of fish.  I even found a favorite, to wit:

Emerald, if I ever go there.  In case you were wondering.

But I digress.

My point is, I’m not opposed to butt plugs.  I think they’re kinda cool and if you’re going to be having anal sex regularly, I think they’re a useful tool in not being in agonizing pain during the sex.

I’m not so sure I’m down with how this particular caller uses them.  Again, more power to him and all…just not my thing.

“I love my butt plug.  I love the way my girlfriend forces it into me and makes me wear it out shopping.”

Exhibitionism, sort of.  I’m down with it.  I’m actively planning a wilderness fuck for the boyfriend once the weather warms up.

“I love the way she makes me wear her panties over it, french cut, always the french cut.”

Ok.  I’m still down with it.

“I love the way she pulls it out of my ass when we get home and makes me lick it clean for her.”

*shudder*  I prefer NOT to have an anal-oral relationship with my own poop.  That’s just me.

“Sometimes, she’ll do the whole thing on webcam and let her girlfriends in Chicago watch me lick it clean and beg for more.”

Actually, more power to her.  I hear the webcam girls make in the neighborhood of 400/day, easily, which is good money for a few hours’ work.  If it were me, I’d skip my girlfriends and start charging for that service. I suggest to him the possibility of going global.

“You mean….strangers watching me lick my butt plug clean?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  Why is this an issue?  I mean, I’d rather have strangers watch me than people I have to socialize with.  If I had to choose.  Which, thankfully, I don’t.  Because that’s not my life.

“I couldn’t let strangers watch me.  It’s easier with family and friends.  It’s cozier that way.”

I couldn’t disagree more, of course, but then again, his butt, his call.



Impossible Role-Play

Posted in Role Play with tags , , on January 10, 2010 by sexwars

One of the ways I knew the current boyfriend was a keeper is that when I told him about this job, he was initially a bit uncomfortable but rallied quickly.  To the point where he said, hey, if I’m up on IM and you get stuck on a call, IM me.  I can help you.  I’m a guy, I can tell you what to say.  Bear that moment in mind, and let’s see what happened, shall we?

We have established that I don’t really like role play:

Nor am I an especially good dominatrix, being more of a submissive by nature:

So you can imagine the moment of OH CRAP that I felt when the nice man told me he wanted to do a specific role play, a domination fantasy and also that several other girls had tried and failed to appropriately execute his fantasy.

I’m thinking, dude, hang up now, save yourself some money.  There’s just no way.  But I think, no, I can do this.  I do a lot of things I’m not comfortable with and it’s good for me.

Allrighty, so what do you want, precisely?

“I want to pretend to be a wealthy elderly businessman.  You’re my young, sexy assistant.  I treat you like crap, but I’ve promised to leave you my frozen sperm when I die so you can use it to make a baby and have access to my estate that way.  You’re always a little afraid that I’m not going to really leave you my sperm, but you really want it so you keep working for me.”

Right about now, I’m thinking, you’ve watched yourself a wee bit too much Ugly Betty, my friend.  What else’ve you got?

“In this fantasy, I wake up to find myself gagged and tied to a table.  You come in.  At first I’m not sure if you’re going to help me or if you’re why I’m tied down.  You taunt and tease me, ticking various parts of my body, laughing like an evil queen in the early Disney movies and finally coaxing my cream so you don’t have to take my shit anymore.  I’ll be gagged, remember, so I can’t give you direction.”

FUCK.  I have no IDEA.

So I IM the boyfriend, while I start talking, doing as much as I can considering I’m WAY over my head.

I send him the entire scenario–props to my multi-tasking on that, to be talking the beginnings of this fantasy while typing the synapsis–and wait while he ponders it.

Normally, he’s lightening fast on the replies.  The pause lengthens.

Finally, he responds.   “It’s impossible.  It’s almost like a Mensa test, seriously.”

The boyfriend is smart.  Very smart.  Not far from being Dr. Boyfriend, actually.  And he’s a guy.  He says it’s impossible, I feel my heart sinking.

So I press on with the fantasy, sending more targeted IMs to the boyfriend, “Non-traditional ticklers?”

“Um….something a rich person would have?  Long chains of gold or something?”

*rolling eyes*

“Babe, he’s an elderly tycoon, not a rapper.  Bling is not an option.”

I was actually quite relieved when he hung up before too long.  And thank GOD, he’s never chanced to call me again.  I STILL have nothing.