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Children and Sex

Posted in Role Play with tags , , , on January 26, 2010 by sexwars

NOTE: I have firm, firm, FIRM feelings about sexual abuse and children.  Feelings that involve castration and a new circle in hell just for child molesters.  Feelings so frequently expressed that at one point I expressed an urge to do something bad and one of my friends said, “oooh, I know JUST the felony you’d commit” which ok, is an odd thing to say, but not so much if you knew him.

My point is, me and children…not so much.

So today, when I had a caller who wanted me to be underage, I hoped for the best.

“How old should I be?” I asked, as coyly as I could, “fifteen?”

“No, I like you younger.”

“Younger like thirteen?  Or younger like nine?”

*I had a request that I be 9 once.  It was the youngest I’ve had requested.  I was supposed to struggle and cry.  I’m not ready to write the post on that one yet.*

“If you were nine, I’d wish I’d found you sooner.”

“Oh….ok, so, I’m five?”

Long, drawn out, ecstatic sigh, “YES.  I love fucking five year olds.”


“How would you take me?”  I ask.  This is my job, I remind myself.  Make it work for him.  Hope to hell he restricts himself to these moments of fantasy and NOT to really fucking 5 year olds.

“I’d lie you down, ease your tiny little panties off, rub them against my little dick–that’s why I need to fuck little ones, because my dick is so small, it’s only about an inch long when it’s soft–and then stick it into you as hard as I can and fuck you as hard as I can.”

“Your dick feels so big to me, I’m so little.”

“Say it!  Tell me you’re five!”

So I did.  And suffered through another 6 minutes of him moaning and insisting I remind him how young I was before he came.

I have a 6 year old daughter.  I swear to God, I meet one of those assholes in person, I’ll castrate him myself with the dullest knife available.