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Glory Be

Posted in Oral Sex with tags , , on January 22, 2010 by sexwars

The title of this post makes me feel guilty; it’s my Catholic roots acting up again.

I’m not actually thinking about the prayer “glory be” as much as I’m thinking about glory holes.

We all know what those are, right?  Glory holes?  Urban dictionary, for anyone that doesn’t:

Ok?  Movin’ on.

I have no actual personal experience with glory holes.  Despite my alter ego’s protestations to the contrary, I’m not actually a slut or even in any way promiscuous.  I tend to limit my adventurous side to a single partner at a time.

That having been said, I think this is incredibly hot in a very naughty way.

I love the caller who goes to porn shops for the express purpose of sucking other men through the glory holes.  I imagine the men who utilize the holes are aware that some of the suckers–or most?  I’m not really sure what the gender breakdown is on that–are men, and probably they’re either fine with it or willing to pretend that it’s a hot girl on her knees on the other side of the wall.

He says he’ll stay there for hours, sucking dozens of men, swallowing their come, learning their cocks.

I cannot tell you how much I wish I could get over my instinctive recoil regarding the personal safety and/or cleanliness of the cocks involved enough to be able to try it.  I really do.  I think it’s incredibly sexy and dirty and naughty and all the things I wish I was in my darkest moments.  I love sucking cock, although I love sex more, and tend to end up having more sex than oral sex as a result of that, but still, that’s an incredible thing to me.  No face, no emotional connection, nothing.  Just you and the cock, the sight and the taste and the feel of it.  I think it’s as close to pure sex for it’s own sake as anyone can get.

This is, I know, a bit of a departure from the usual posts, but that’s what I felt like doing today.  I feel a little exposed, but there you go.  Now you know something about me you didn’t before.  🙂


Bukkake fun

Posted in Oral Sex with tags , , , on January 18, 2010 by sexwars

I kinda really like the bukkake crowd.  I mean, it’s not for me.  But they’re a fun group of people, in an “invest in high quality face wash” kind of way.

This guy, he kinda rocks my world.  He says (of course, I believe nothing on faith) that he likes nothing more than to have his face covered in come.  And so he asks his friends to bring THEIR friends and will have massive bukkake sessions where 30-70 guys will cover him in come.

The first time he said it to me, I was HIGHLY skeptical, simply because that many men should produce an alarmingly large amount of, um, fluid.  And so I asked him, how does that work?  Do they all blow at once, or what?  Because that seems like a suffocation type hazard.

“No, no, not all at once, OBVIOUSLY,” he responded, as if I was an idiot.  “They go one at a time, there’s no, like, mass orgasm or anything.  I have to suck each one just till he’s ready to come, so there’s no way they’d all be able to come at once.”

This seemed like a vast undersell of the general male ability to achieve orgasm with practically no stimulus whatsoever.  I mean,  I’ve known men to come from much, much less than just watching someone else come.

I suggested that to my caller, that perhaps the other men might occasionally be so turned on by watching him suck cock and get covered in come that they have no choice but to shoot their load.

He pondered it for a minute and then said, “Maybe they do, you know I close my eyes when I’m sucking cock, I might have missed the entire thing.”