Hair or Not?

I’ve been working under the impression that shaved pussies are the desirable thing now.  As such, my alter ego answers all questions to that effect with an emphatic “shaved.”

Although, technically, the way to do that routinely does not appear to be shaving so much as waxing.  Not the point.

I’ve been surprised–pleasantly, I might add–at the number of men that have recently begun to be disappointed by that.

Please, GOD, let that phase be running its course.  I’m just saying, the expectation of that kind of upkeep is kinda a pain in the ass, more or less literally.

So, for your own amusement and edification, I’m sharing with you what a nice man shared with me.  A collection of sites dedicated to the furrier ladies.

I’m not sure, actually, as I review these sites, that I’m willing to go quite that far.  I still support an end to fully shaven pussies, of course, from a purely lazy point of view.

Thoughts?  Shaven or unshaven?


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