Adventures in Masturbation, Part 2

This will be a shortish one, and my apologies in advance.  The story just isn’t that long, but it still left me speechless.

We’ve discussed, of course, the way some men love to taste their own come.

But the thing is, there are limits to how many ways you can do that.  Physiologically, there aren’t that many options, if you’re a man and you’re working alone.

Never, ever again shall I underestimate the ingenuity born of desire and lonliness.

“I masturbate all the time,” he tells me, “I love the taste of my own come.”

Yeah, I know.  We’ve done this before.  Same story, different man.

“How do you taste it?”  I ask, beginning my litany of previously heard options.  “Do you just come into your hand, or do you have something else you like to shoot into?”

“No, no, I come directly in my own mouth,” he says.

Bullshit, I think.  Total BS.  I’ve seen men naked, I have a working concept of gravity and that’s not really feasible.

“How?” I ask, trying to sound breathless and interested instead of skeptical.

“I lie against the wall, with my feet and ass against the wall and my head on the floor and shoot the come straight into my own mouth.”

I ponder this in silence for a minute, because that was so unexpected.

“Hello?” he says.

“I’m here,” I respond, “I’m just amazed.  That works?”

“Yeah, it works great, that’s how I do it almost every time I jack off.”

I can’t help but think there should be an awards ceremony somewhere for this kind of thing.  “The award for most creative way to drink your own come goes to….John Doe, for his innovative use of a wall!”

All I need is a dildo mounted on a statue base and some form of celebrity presenter and we’re there.


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