Pregnancy and sex

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that men, by and large, are opposed to random pregnancies.

And yet, a surprisingly large number of callers will talk about getting me pregnant.  They’ll be getting close and say, can I come inside you?  From my vantage point, several thousand miles away, I say immediately, of course, of course you can, please do. It’s not like I’m risking anything, after all.

I hear them as they approach climax, “Fill you with my come, make you pregnant with my baby, knock you up so you’ll always remember me…” and I think, wow.

I understand the desire to be thought of as virile and manly.  I understand the more rational desire to leave a legacy.  I’m not sure what place either of those have in the phone sex relationship.

I had one guy who was doing a role-play–(side note: I’m not really that into role plays.  The guy wants something very specific in his head, and I have no real way of knowing what precisely that is or if I’m getting close.)–and asked if I was on the pill, so I said yes.

“Oh,” he responded, his voice registering disappointment.  “Would you ever consider going off of the pill?”

“Of course,” I said, “I love making you happy and I’d love to have a baby of yours.  But what about your wife?” (In this fantasy, I was his wife’s best friend.)

“She doesn’t want kids for a while,” he said, “and I want to see you big and fat and full of my kid.”

Another man led with pregnancy as his fantasy.  “I want to knock you up,” he said.  “I want to fuck you and not stop till you’re good and pregnant.”

Pause with me.  Reflect on the amount of time between conception and confirmation of pregnancy.  Ok?  Let’s keep going.

I responded, “We’ll have to fuck a lot, then.  How would you like me first?”  and taunted him by describing sucking his cock till he was whimpering and moaning and gasping and then reminding him that he can’t come in my mouth….we’re making a baby here.

Of course, I imagine these same men would be less interested in it if it were real.  I refuse to believe that a man would welcome random pregnancies.

Then again, you never know.


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