An earlier post about pain made me realize we haven’t discussed the foot fetish thing.

True story: my first “lover” of sorts had a foot fetish.  I didn’t realize it was not normal to have a man suck your toes.  Yeah, I lived a sheltered and innocent life before my marriage.  Movin’ on.

Most foot fetishists are simple creatures, in their own way.  This, of course, is true of all fetishists.  They tend to be simple and follow the same basic patterns.  For foot fetishists, it’s usually that they like to look at feet, and kiss them, and have a woman use their feet to jack them off.

Some prefer different areas of focus.

There’s a subset of foot fetishists that like to smell shoes.  This one, I don’t get so much.  I like the way my feet look after a pedicure, so looking at feet I get.  I get the quasi-penis like aspect of toes and can see the toe-sucking from that angle.  I can see the interest in a new sensation wrapped around your cock, bringing you to climax.  All of these are within the understandable–and for me, anyway–“normal” range.

(Side note: “normal” in my book is defined as anything that would not unduly surprise or alarm me if my boyfriend did it.)

But back to the foot smelling.  I have guys that call and tell me they love the smell of shoes, especially shoes that are sweaty and dirty.  I tell them I’m a dancer (and their minds move that automatically to “stripper”) and they beg to hear me describe the smell of my heels after a turn around the pole.  They tell me they’d love to suck my toes after a night of dancing.   These men describe following women to their cars at mall parking lots to compliment their shoes and ask to smell them.  Shocker, that one never goes over as well as they expect.

The men who prefer to have their cocks masturbated with feet are a different sort.  These men talk about girlfriends that insisted on wearing socks for the process (this, I don’t understand at all.  Condoms for feet, perhaps?) and how frustrating that is for them, and the various inappropriate people they have watched sleep while masturbating to the sight of their feet.

The easiest and hardest ones are the ones that like to tickle.  I spend those calls alternating between giggling and begging them to stop tickling me.  It’s surprisingly difficult to giggle on command.  Try it.  Wherever you are, try to giggle in a sustained way for 2 minutes.  Hard, right?

Fortunately, they give me some help.  I think about someone following a pregnant woman to her car in a mall parking lot and asking her to let them smell her shoes….and suddenly, I can giggle.  🙂


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