All in the family

Note: I do NOT approve of incest.  But it’s a really common fantasy, and by and large I have come to accept it.  Bear that in mind for this and all future submissions that deal with incest.  The pedophilia…that’s a little different.  I tend to think that it’s better for them to talk about their fantasies with me than for them to act out their fantasies in real life.  I hope.

I’m starting with one of the less-disturbing of those calls.

Most calls start the some way, I ask how they’re doing, and they usually say, “I’m pretty turned on right now,” and then I say, “Yeah? Why is that?”  And usually they tell me what they’re doing or thinking about.  Very easy.  Most of the time the answer is, “I’m lying in bed, stroking my cock.”  Very simple.

This time, the answer was, “I’m thinking about Dara.”

“Ooooh…who’s Dara?”

“My stepdaughter.  She’ll be fifteen next month.”

Sigh.  Underage girls.  Relatively, I prefer the 15 year old to some of the other ones, as young as 9 years old sometimes.

“Tell me about Dara,” I urge.

“I like waiting till she’s at school and then go up to her room and take her panties out of the laundry hamper and use them to masturbate, rubbing them against myself until I shoot my load all over her cream-covered panties.  Then I wash her laundry.  When she comes home, she’s always so happy to see her laundry all clean and folded on her bed.”

This actually rings true to me.


He moves forward, “And I love thinking about her, naked underneath me, her sweet young pussy all creamy and wet.  I want to lick that pussy until she’s shuddering and crying for it and then introduce her to my big, hard dick.  I know she’ll probably be afraid at first, but I’m sure once she gets the taste of it, she’ll enjoy it as much as her momma does.  And then, I’d love to take her cherry, making her cry a little with pain and then ripping into that pussy, tearing it up with my monster dick, grabbing those sweet little tits of hers and squeezing them while I fuck her harder and harder until I explode into her and fill her with my hot come.”


“Do you think she’d like that?”

I know my job, of course.

“I’m sure she’d love that.  I bet she’d beg for more and more of your hard cock.”



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