That’s gotta hurt.

I understand men who want to be dominated.  I do.  Really.

It’s about being able to relinquish control and relax and enjoy being passive for a while.  I get that.

What I DON’T get is the ones that only want pain.

I had this one caller who wanted me to put on my highest pair of stiletto heels and then walk around on the floor of my apartment so he could hear the sharp sound of the heel on tile.  I’m thinking, foot fetish.  I’m thinking, this will be easy.  Then he says he’s lying on the floor with me standing over him.  I’m expecting him to kiss the shoe.  Instead he asks me to take the heel of my shoe and drive it into his hand, hard.

Then his chest.

Then his balls.


And when I described the heel pressing down the soft, downy skin of his scrotum, the feel of the hard testicle beneath offering resistance to my heel, I heard him come like he hadn’t come in a year.

Later, I had a similar caller that wanted to be kicked in the balls.  Continuously.  And he wanted context.  The thing is, I haven’t kicked a man in the balls.  Ever.  Understandably, I’m a little hard pressed to find a situation where I’d feel compelled to kick a man in the balls.  Or more accurately, given my height or the lack thereof, knee a man in the balls.  Let alone multiple situations.

I improvised a situation of being out at a club with my girlfriends and being bothered by some guys.  After that…I was grasping for something…anything.

So I fell back to what I’m good at.  I described sucking him in exquisite detail–describing blow jobs is one of my specialties, by the way–and when I got to the point where I was gently raking his balls with my nails (and he was starting to seem bored, which NEVER happens at that point in my spiel) I suddenly crushed his balls in my fist, squeezing them until I could close my fist all the way.

He gasped in shock and then groaned in apparent ecstasy, rewarding me with one hell of an orgasm.

For those of you that feel uncomfortable with the idea of me crushing your balls in my fist, congratulations.  You are not fucked up.


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