Subs and Dungeons

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I tend toward the submissive.  I’m just less comfortable giving men direct orders.  However, tending towards submissive and being trained as a submissive are two entirely different things.

So when my caller told me he owned a dungeon* and wanted to teach me to be a submissive, I was moderately excited.  A rare on-the-job training opportunity.  Woohoo!

Turns out, being a trained submissive is almost exactly the same as being an untrained submissive.  Basically, it comes down to following orders.  If he wants me to call him master, I do.  If he wants me to tell him I like the pain, I do.  Which means that what I really learned from him wasn’t a new skill, it was new vocabulary.  Also useful.  So in case you were interested in some of the more random terminology, I present to you the following:

Horseshoeing: take a piece of leather, like a belt, and hold it between your legs, almost like a stirrup, and rub it back and forth as a masturbatory tool.  (Not really as comfortable as it sounds, and that reminds me…buy a new belt.)

Sex horse: like a saw horse, but with restraints and padding.  Designed to expose all orifices for use.

Of course, all subs have to get used to the spanking and the gagging.  A surprising number of callers like to hear me gag.  So, in case you’re wondering, gag once, no problem.  Gag twice, little less enjoyable.  Gag three times and you’re likely to vomit a bit.  Which is why, of all the random things I hear and have requested by callers, “Let me hear you gag,” is my least favorite.

And because I know you cannot resist it (or at least, I couldn’t resist it) I present to you, the sex horse:

It’s not too soon to buy one for Valentine’s Day, you know…in case that’s your idea of romance.  Please don’t get me one.  Please.

*I never believe any thing my callers say, on principle.  He says he owns a dungeon, ok, fine.  Sure.  But the odds are against it.  I can’t help being logical, it’s who I am.  Logically speaking, if you owned a sex dungeon, why would you be paying a per minute fee to describe things you can see for free at any time?  Highly unlikely.


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